Sage Financial Advice From 80's Cartoon Characters

Back in the 80's, TVs had knobs and networks actually went "off the air" at the end of the night with the National Anthem and didn't come back on until the next morning. You knew you were up early if you turned on the TV and still saw the color bar test pattern.


Cartoon characters of that era also gave some pretty sage financial advice.

Elmer Fudd laid it out pretty clearly for Sylvester: "Sywvester......the handwing of money is a gweat wesponsibiwity."

For individuals and advisors, this is as true today as it ever was, perhaps more so. Individuals have a responsibility to take great care of their hard earned money and help it work for them as hard as they worked to earn it.

Advisors should not only help clients find investments that are suitable, but should also work to a fiduciary standard, ensuring that all actions and investments are exclusively in the client's best interests.

Today, the vast majority of advisors, planners and investments managers do work in the best interests of their clients and thankfully, the cases of outright fraud and deception are rare, but everyone from Bugs Bunny to the SEC is on the lookout -- 

"Dat evil character's after that nice old lady's money! Looks like this Boy Scouts' gonna do his deed for today." - Bugs Bunny

Individuals need to inform and educate themselves on the basics of investing and seek help when they are unsure or face complicated investment choices. And as practitioners in the investment management and financial planning space, we need to be there when our clients need us and uphold the integrity of the capital markets at both an individual and industry level.

The recently released Department of Labor best interests standard for retirement accounts is a great step in the right direction towards the timeless wisdom of Bugs and Elmer.

If you need help with a complicated financial matter or would like a 2nd opinion of your financial situation, we would be happy to help.



- Investing and investment management involves risk, including the loss of your initial investment or any investment gains.

- Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

- This generic information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation for any individual to take a specific action.

- Please invest prudently and seek professional help from a financial advisor, investment manager, accountant, lawyer or other professional on matters that you are unsure of or that are unique to your personal circumstances.

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