It's a $400 million problem, but it's really the same problem...

If TMZ is to be believed, Brad and Angelina are heading for splittsville. It's obviously sad on many levels and I'm sure the prospect of sorting it all out in the public eye is both daunting and depressing for both of them.


They're rich, they're Hollywood and most of us probably aren't too worried about their finances. But how great would it be to see Angelina coming out of Walmart with a 48 pack of Ramen Noodles?

Most are probably intrigued by the drama and family dynamics of the situation, figuring that the financial aspects of their divorce will just sort themselves out. After all, in May, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that Pitt’s net worth is $240 million, and Jolie's is an estimated $160 million. That's $400 million worth of stuff to sort into two piles.

They will undoubtedly each enlist an army of lawyers and other professionals to review the prenuptial agreements and then discuss and negotiate the details of how to split those assets.

And while $400 million, however split, is plenty to live on very, very comfortably, they are both going to face many of the same challenges, problems, obstacles and changes to their lifestyle that all couples face once they split.

The houses are bigger and in exclusive locations, but just like other couples, housing expenses and availability that was shared, will now have to be split and the housing options that they do have will be reduced for each.

Just like other couples, everything that they have one of today, they'll now need two of. With kids, maybe even more. And other expenses that they shared, like transportation, will be fully on each of them to pay for. Total expenses will go way up, but their assets are fixed. Just like other couples.

I suspect they'll split the money equitably and move on with life, but at the end of the day, the math is the same for everyone -- they are going to each have roughly 50% less than they had as a couple. That's a huge adjustment to make. Don't get me wrong, plus or minus $200 million is still a lot of money, but even with that nest egg, it is going to require some serious financial planning and budgeting to align their new financial reality with their new personal reality, just as any couple that's going through a divorce needs to do.

Divorces are almost always messy and celebrity divorces are messy in the public eye. Brad and Angelina will have a lot to sort through and just like everyone else that goes through a divorce, they'll need a good financial plan that reflects their hopes, dreams and goals and then balances those with their financial reality, even if it is a $200 million reality.


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