If You've Been Procrastinating All Summer, CLICK HERE

Labor Day weekend is upon us. It’s the unofficial end of summer and a great time to fire up the BBQ one last time, have one more gathering with the crew and squeeze in those final items from the summer to-do list. We crossed off surfing last weekend, which was the last item on our family list, so we’re good!

Other signs that summer is over will be all too evident. The kids will be back in school if they aren’t already. When we drive into work on Tuesday the roads will be jam-packed as if everyone is suddenly working again and life will return to its normal, hectic pace.


The "it’s summer, I'm relaxing, I'll get to it in September" excuse ends this weekend. We've all been procrastinating something, but now is the time for all of us to get on it!

Investment Managers and Financial Planners typically see a spike in the fall as all those life tasks that are so easy to put off for a few weeks during the summer finally come back to the forefront. And for good reason. The fall is an excellent time to engage with your financial planner and investment manager because:

  •   There’s still time in the year to make beneficial tax moves in your investment accounts and make tax saving contributions to your IRAs.
  •   There’s still time to make beneficial moves in your 401(k) or 403(b) to ensure you maximize your benefits and have made investment choices appropriate for your level of risk.
  •   If you have kids in college or nearing college, this is a great time to revisit, enhance, update or even make a college funding plan. It’s expensive.
  •   A good investment manager and financial advisor can help you significantly reduce your investment expenses so you have more money for other priorities.

No one knows for sure where the stock market is headed or what the next interest rate move will be or how some international crisis will impact the markets, but things are relatively calm right now and it’s always better to have an investment strategy BEFORE any market turmoil starts to unfold, rather than being reactive once it starts.

Navigating you through uncertain and tumultuous times is one of the most important roles an investment manager can play for you.

So if you’ve been procrastinating, this is the week to get after it. Everyone deserves a great financial plan and taking the time to work through a holistic and comprehensive financial plan can help address issues across all of those dimensions, plus any other unique or individual circumstances you may face.

Enjoy this Labor Day weekend with family and friends and remember that if your don’t have a great plan for what you want your hard earned money to do for you, it very well may do something else...

Get over your procrastination and book a free consultation now (after Labor Day weekend of course)

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