Understanding Roller Coaster Payroll Costs

Halfway through 2016 - hard to believe!!

Amusement parks will soon be full of thrill seekers, twisting, twirling and being propelled up and down which is awesome for roller coaster enthusiasts, but a little perplexing for payroll costs and small business owners.


Have you ever wondered why your payroll costs are so much higher at the start of the year and drop around this time of year?  The drop in payroll costs is because employees reach wages limits for the fiscal year.  The following shows the wage limit for taxes and FICA contributions for 2016;

•       FICA the limit is $118,500

•       MA Unemployment wage limit is $15,000

•       NH Unemployment wage limit is $14,000

•       Federal Unemployment - Wage limit $7,000


Most employees will have met the first two limits so you are no longer paying State or Federal Unemployment on their wages.  When hiring a new employee that starts at any point in the year, they will be subject to the same limits.

Other limits to consider at this time of year are IRAs and 401(k)s:

Simple IRA Max -  $12,500

401K Max - $18,000

Will you be 50 years old by 12/31/2016?  You are eligible to participate in catch up that allows, this you an additional $6,000 for your 401K contributions and $3,000 for your IRA contributions. 

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